One thought on “Home

  1. Billy – finally read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I knew you were close to making it big before, but I never realized that you were right on the edge. No doubt, you got the talent to be a superstar and your song writing is second to none. But I wonder if you’d be happy if you were a huge star. I can’t imagine you isolated away from you fans. That just doesn’t sound like you. I keeping thinking of one of your songs (sorry forget which one) but it has a line it that says “I’m not that guy”. And that’s all I think of when I imagine you surrounded by security and sneaking out the side doors to your limo. You don’t just play to an audience – you immerse yourself in your audience and thoroughly enjoy yourself. How many artists can say they do that? Anyway, just wanted to let you know my thoughts. I really respect the way you have handled your career with integrity (accept for a few adolescent burglaries LOL.) hope to see you soon in the States. Love ya, Sharon

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